The Requirement Object

companyIDstringID of company
typestringType of requirement. Holds one of the following values:

sit_payment: In order to register as an employer in a particular state (W2 only), you must obtain a State Payroll Tax Number (also known as Payroll Tax ID, Payroll Tax Account Number, State Employer Identification, SEIN, or state ID number). This Requirement exists if there is an onboarded employee that is working in a state which Zeal has not received a state payroll number for.

sui_payment: In order to pay employees in a certain state, you must register for a State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) number through the state (W2 only). This Requirement exists if there is an onboarded employee that is working in a state where Zeal has not received an SUI number for.

local_misc: This requirement exists if a state has local taxes that need IDs or deposit schedules.

poa: This requirement exists if you have not filled out the fields needed to submit a Power of Attorney (POA) for a state SUI tax.

poa_notarization: This requirement exists if there is a notarized version of the POA that needs to be uploaded for a state tax.

third_party_authorization: This requirement exists if a given state requires third-party authorization to be granted through a state portal for a given tax.

Effective December 5, 2022, the existing requirement types will be changed. The new types are:
sit_payment, sit_filing, sui_payment, sui_filing, local_misc

The corresponding state related to this requirement, represented by the two-letter state abbreviation.
namestringName, or title, of Requirement
descriptionstringDescription of Requirement{
   "description":"Missing SUI Filings Information in Georgia",
   "name":"SUI Filings",