The Requirement Object

A nested object within the Company Object that highlights company tax requirements.

companyIDstringID of company
typestringType of requirement. Holds one of the following values:

sit_payment & sui_payment:
The SIT + SUI payment portions of the tax setup page lists the information and steps we need from employers in order to make timely payment for that tax. The requirements to complete these sections will vary based upon the jurisdiction, the employer category, and the type of tax. Most often, this section will request a state tax ID number, the deposit frequency, tax rate, if applicable, as well as legal documents granting Zeal the authority to make payments on behalf of the end employer. Additional steps may be required to onboard Zeal as an authorized TPA in the jurisdictions tax portal.

sit_filing & sui_filing:
The fillings portion of the Tax setup page lists the information Zeal needs from employers in order to promptly file employment tax returns with relevant tax agencies. While the information required will vary based on the jurisdiction in question common requests include portal access instructions and filling frequency.

The local and miscellaneous section of tax setup contains the list of items Zeal requires to calculate, withhold, and remit local-level taxes. Examples of information required for these tasks could be rates, deposit frequencies, exemption or no exemption, tax ID numbers, and more.

The corresponding state related to this requirement, represented by the two-letter state abbreviation.
namestringName, or title, of Requirement
descriptionstringDescription of Requirement{
  "companyID": "24b5b29f07924840b119c34c1358940c",
  "description": "Missing SUI Filings Information in Georgia",
  "name": "SUI Filings",
  "state": "GA",
  "type": "sui_filing"