New KYB standards - 12/14/2023

We are updating the Company Object with new optional fields. These fields are necessary for our new KYB (know your business) standards. These fields are optional but will be required starting February 20th.


Single Email Login - 10/02/2023

We are thrilled to announce the complete version of our Single Email Login feature, designed to enhance your user experience. Here’s how the impacted flows will work:


Webhooks: Test Mode - 08/21/2023

We have introduced ‘Test mode webhooks’ that will be triggered by events in test mode data. This feature allows the users to provide two webhook URLs -- test mode and production mode, isolating the payloads by the environment they were triggered in.


Company Onboarding API - 08/08/2023

We have released API endpoints for the company onboarding flow. This will allow partners to build the complete onboarding experience into their product.


Workers Age Restriction Policy - 06/12/2023

To conform and comply with the acceptable age limit of the Fair Labor Standards
Act (FLSA) of the United States of America governed by the Department of Labor (DOL), Zeal will not allow any worker to be onboarded to the Zeal Whitelabel and API platforms that are not at least 14 years old on or before the first date of employment.


Work Location in Shifts - 04/11/2023

We have added a new optional field to the Shift object - workLocationID. This field tracks the work location where the shift was worked and taxes the wages for that shift accordingly.


Optional Employee Bank Account - 03/24/2023

We now support onboarding an employee and running payroll for them without a bank account. The employees will be able to exclude the ‘Require Bank Account Setup’ section when generating the employee onboarding link through the white label or use the payment_method_required parameter when using the API.


Optional Signature on W-4 forms - 03/01/2022

We have introduced the capability for employers to fill up the Federal W-4 and State W-4 (if applicable) for their employees on the white label. When an employer is filling in W-4 information on an employee’s behalf, they are able to check the “Preparer” box. If the box is checked, the employee's signature will no longer be required to submit the W-4 forms.


Active Tax Parameters Page - 01/26/2022

We have added Active Tax Parameters page to the employee profile for the employers. This page will list the current withholding data that Zeal uses while processing payroll.
Employers will be able to make changes to the employees withholding from the Federal Tax Information and State Tax Information pages, if needed.


Update Requirements Object - 12/06/2022

We are updating the Requirements object by replacing the current requirement types - state_payroll_tax_number, sui_number, poa, poa_notarization, local_number, third_party_authorization with more precise/standard categories of tax requirements. The new types of requirements are sit_payment, sit_filing, sui_payment, sui_filing, local_misc.