Get Employee Tax Parameter Summary

Get all tax parameters for an Employee that Zeal will use on a given date.

For use with Abacus /calcTax endpoint, Use the isUserProvidedValue or the isDefaultValue flag to filter. ie get all the non default value params or get all the user provided value params.

Those codes and values are then used to set the employee tax params in Abacus


employeeIDstringID of the employee
effectiveDatedatetimeEffective date of the tax parameters in this request.
jurisdictionsarrayList of jurisdictions, "US" for federal, or State(2 letter abbreviation)
paramsarrayList of effective Tax Parameters on a given date for the employee with flags, indicating if it is user provided or default value

Show child attributes

type: string
description: codename of tax parameter

type: string
description: a string representing the type of the parameter. We currently use options, strings, numbers, dollars, and boolean

type: string
description: Value that the parameter is set to

type: string
description: Human readable description of the value set

type: boolean
description: Set to true if value is set by default

isUserProvidedValue (BETA)
type: string
description: Set to true if value is provided by the Employee

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