Get Paystub Link

Fetches an expirable link that displays an employee paystub.

Given the Company ID and Employee Check ID, Zeal returns an expirable, mobile-friendly link with paystub information. This link can be hosted on your custom domain in an iframe component. The link can be opened directly in an employee's browser.

NOTE: This paystub link expires 1 hour after generation.
This link can also only be fetched using a production API key.


Returns response status and the link to the requested employee.
This is an example of what a paystub would look like in your browser:

The following is an example of what a paystub would look like in the downloaded PDF format:

successbooleanResponse status
datastringLink to paystub
errorsarrayContains a list of error objects which consists of:
message: Error message
code: Error code as described in Error codes
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