Contractor Payment Object

The Contractor Payment Object represents a payment made out to a Contractor Object .

contractorPaymentIDstringZeal Contractor Payment ID
contractorIDstringZeal Contractor ID
companyIDstringZeal Company ID
statusstringHolds one of the following values:

Whether manual approval is required for this payment or not. By default, Zeal automatically processes the payment two business days before the pay date. However, if approval is required and the payment is not approved by time of processing, Zeal will NOT process the payment.

Whether this payment has been manually approved or not (only relevant if approval_required is true)
pay_datedateDate of Pay Date for this contractor payment, in the ISO-8601 format in UTC. Zeal will pay this contractor on this date. Example 2019-10-01
amountnumberAmount to be paid to the contractor
disbursement_statusstringPart of the object provided upon response of Contractor Payment creation Provides an up-to-date status of the payment. The disbursement_status will hold one of the following values:

Show disbursement_status values
pending - Status of all checks until net pay has been started
settled - Funds have successfully settled in employeeโ€™s account
void - When an Employer pays out the wrong person or the wrong amount and wants to void the check
This will be solved by automatically creating a DL link for a check from the EE to the ER for the entire amount that they can DL
returned - Net pay did not successfully get disbursed
refunded - (Only applicable to direct deposit payments) Status of checks that failed but then the employer wants to pay out in-house
cancelled - (Only applicable to direct deposit payments) The check got cancelled due to:
Going to an inactive user
Having a transaction going to a watchlist match
Check is going a locked node
disbursementobjectThe disbursement method in which the contractor will be paid. Options are:
typestringType of payment. Only regular payments are reported on a contractor's Form 1099-NEC. Holds one of the following values -
speedstringThe ACH speed of the check, accepts two_day, one_day or one_day_no_reserve as values. (Early Access)
  "contractorPaymentID": "246863894",
  "contractorID": "1234567890",
  "companyID": "0987654321",
  "status": "pending",
  "approval_required": false,
  "approved": false,
  "pay_date": "2024-10-01",
  "amount": "100",
  "disbursement_status": "pending",
  "disbursement": {
    "method": "direct_deposit"
  "type": "regular"