International Contractor Payment Object

The International Contractor Payment Object represents a record of a payment made out to a International Contractor

intlContractorPaymentIDstringZeal International Contractor Payment ID
intlContractorIDstringZeal International Contractor ID
companyIDstringZeal Company ID
pay_datedateDate of Pay Date for this contractor payment, in the ISO-8601 format in UTC. Zeal will pay this contractor on this date. Example 2019-10-01
gross_amountfloatAmount to be paid to the contractor
net_amountfloatAmount that the contractor receives
taxes_amountfloatAmount to be deducted form the gross_amount for taxes
  "intlContractorPaymentID": "123456",
  "companyID": "789456123",
  "intlContractorID": "0123456789",
  "pay_date": "2022-09-30",
  "gross_amount": 100,
  "taxes_amount": 50,
  "net_amount": 50