Job Queue Event

This endpoint specifies what will be sent to the Job Queue Event Webhook. Zeal POSTs an object with corresponding job information whenever a report is created or its status is updated.

Request Body

jobTypestringCorresponding job type -
parameters could be PreviewCheckDate
PreviewChecks or Reports
reportTypestringThe type of report the job is for
companyIDstringZeal companyID of Employer
statusstringStatus of job
jobIDstringCorresponding job ID


Doesn't return anything, rather POSTs relevant job_type & corresponding data to the webhook URL

Raw Content Example

  "jobID": "01ea85bf-9cbf-4ad1-acf2-2a277dfe0f5b",
  "status": "complete",
  "reportType": "taxable_wage",
  "companyID": "7456d5e912a74bc380fd5d1396fed8d2",
  "business_name": "Test Company",
  "createdAt": "2023-12-10T18:15:03.179Z",
  "updatedAt": "2023-12-10T18:15:03.179Z",
  "test": true