International Contractor Object

The International Contractor Object represents an international non-resident contractor of a company

intlContractorIDstringZeal International Contractor ID
companyIDstringZeal Company ID
onboardedbooleanWhether the W8-BEN form for this contractor has been verified or not
emailstringEmail of contractor
start_datestringStart Date of the contractor
tax_ratefloatThe percentage that the company intends to withhold from each payment to a W8-BEN contractor
employment_statusstringEmployment status of the contractor. Default value is "live", other accepted values are "leave" and "terminated".
 "intlContractorID": "1234567890",
 "companyID": "0987654321",
 "onboarded": false,
 "email": "[email protected]",
 "start_date": 2022-01-01,
 "tax_rate": 9.25,
 "employment_status": "live"