Company Check Object

The Zeal Company Check represents a payroll run and is only created when checks are sent out (typically the day before a check date). It notably contains employee checks paid during this payroll run and a totals object that contains aggregate and sum values across the contained employee checks.



A Company Check Object is created purely based on timing--it could potentially encapsulate 2 employee checks that have different reporting periods, but the same check date.

See Company Check Object.

employerCheckIDstringEmployer Check ID
companyIDstringID of Company that owns this employee check
statusstringWhen an employer check is processed, employee checks are sent out and tax information is attached to the Employer Check object. This field holds one of the following values:
reporting_periodsarrayList of reporting periods contained in this employer check.

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type: string
description: Reporting Period ID

type: datetime
description: Start time and date of reporting period

type: datetime
required: End time and date of reporting period

totalsobjectTotals for this employer check stored in an object.

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type: number
description: Gross pay for employee (total pay before taxes)

type: number
description: Net pay for employee (total pay after taxes = gross_pay - total_employee_taxes)
processed check

type: number
required: Total amount of employer taxes
processed check

type: number
description: Total cost for the company (net_pay + total_employee_taxes + total_employer_taxes)
processed check

type: number
description: Total amount of employee taxes for this employer check run
processed check

employee_checksarrayList of all employee checks. Each object contains information regarding how each employee is paid for this payroll run (i.e. everything found on a paystub and more). See Employee Check Object for all attributes.