The Employee Object

The Employee Object represents a W-2 employee for a given company.

employeeIDstringZeal Employee ID
companyIDstringZeal Company ID of the employer
onboardedbooleanWhether the employee has been onboarded onto Zeal or not
employment_statusstringEmployment status of the employee. Holds one of the following values:
live: This employee currently works for this company and will receive payroll
leave: This employee is "On Leave"
terminated: This employee has been "Terminated". If terminated, must have term_date. (see below)
term_datestringTermination Date of the employee. The termination date is the day on which the employee and the employer end their relationship and is formatted as a date (YYYY-MM-DD)
first_namestringFirst name of the employee
last_namestringLast name of the employee
titlestringTitle of employee
dobstringDate of birth of the employee
start_datestringStart Date of employee (also known as hire date).
This is the first day that this employee works in return for wages and is formatted as a date (YYYY-MM-DD). Zeal uses this date for new hire reporting.
emailstringEmail of employee
addressstringResidential Street address of the employee
address_line2stringResidential Street Address Line 2 of employee (i.e. apt numbers, suite no., etc.)
citystringResidential City of employee
statestringResidential State of employee
zipstringResidential Zip code of the employee
phone_numberstringPhone number of employee. Formatted with "+1" country code (e.g. +18214370987)
default_pay_schedulestringDefault pay schedule of the employee. See the different options here
default_wagenumberDefault wage of the employee
default_ot_wagenumberWage for overtime pay. Default OT rate is 1.5 times base wage
default_dt_wagenumberWage for double time pay. Default DT rate is 2 times base wage
ssnstringSocial security number of employee
autopilotobjectAutopilot is a way to run payroll for an employee hands-free. Based on the information given in this object, Zeal will create a check with a portion of the salary on a frequency determined by the default pay schedule of the employee, starting on the salary_firstDate.
Zeal automatically creates checks the morning of the debit day (2 days before the check date). Zeal also sends a webhook when the check is created

Show autopilot fields
type: boolean
required: false
default: false
description: Whether autopilot is on for this employee or not
type: number
required: if autopilot_on is true
description: Annual salary amount
type: string
required: if autopilot_on is true
is_943booleanSet to true if the employee is a farmworker
is_scheduleHbooleanSet to true if the employee falls under the Schedule H category as a household employee
external_idstringExternal ID for an employee that comes from an employer's HR or other internal systems
metadataobjectCustom object you can attach to the employee object. This is useful for storing additional information about the object in a custom, structured format. See Metadata.
workLocationIDstringID of Work Location Object
work_week_startstringISO-8601 date-time with accurate UTC offset depicting the beginning of the work week when the employee begins work
NOTE: Only applicable for FLSA Overtime Policy (Closed Beta)
  "employeeID": "1234567890",
  "companyID": "0987654321",
  "onboarded": true,
  "employment_status": "live",
  "term_date": null,
  "first_name": "erlich",
  "last_name": "bachman",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "dob": "1999-12-04",
  "start_date": "2019-06-04",
  "title": "Brand Ambassador",
  "working_state": "CA",
  "workLocationID": "6247402f38756100224f0a52",
  "address": "320 Pancake Hollow Road",
  "address_line2": null,
  "city": "Highland",
  "state": "NY",
  "zip": "12528",
  "phone_number": "+18214370987",
  "default_pay_schedule": "weekly",
  "default_wage": 20,
  "default_ot_wage": 30,
  "default_dt_wage": 40,
  "ssn": "123456789",
  "autopilot": {
    "autopilot_on": false,
    "salary": 100000,
    "salary_firstDate": "2020-08-25"
  "is_943": true,
  "is_scheduleH": false,
  "external_id": "123456789"