Generate Contractor Onboarding Link

Generate an expirable link to Zeal's contractor onboarding. Zeal’s onboarding collects:

  • profile information (e.g. SSN, DOB, Address)

  • contractor account username and password

  • paperwork (e.g. W9, Bank Account Info (optional), and Bank Authorization Form)

You can choose whether you want to turn on or off these sections of Zeal onboarding by using this endpoint. This onboarding flow was custom-made to take less than 3 minutes to complete. After onboarding is completed, the contractor can start getting paid!


Returns boolean that indicates success status and web onboarding link

successbooleanResponse status
datastringWeb onboarding link for this contractor
errorsarrayContains list of error objects which consists of:
message: Error message
code: Error code as described in Error codes
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