Deduction Template Object

Deduction Template Object represents a template that can be used to create Deductions. A template is used in order to allow employers to have flexibility in creating different forms of deductions. For example, with Deduction Templates, an employer can create one template where contributions are set out in dollars, and another where they are in percentages.

Deduction Template Object is a mix of a JSON schema which contains instructions on how to create a deduction as well as holds the values of the template itself.

companyIDstringID of Company the Deduction Template is created for
deductionTemplateIDstringID of Deduction Template
contribution_typeobjectContains the contribution_type that was used to create this deduction. If const, then this field cannot be changed
override_typeobjectContains the override_type that was used to create this deduction. If const, then this field cannot be changed
valueobjectContains the amount set for either employee_contribution or employer_contribution while creating the deduction template.

If an amount is set, will contain a default value.
requiredarrayContains a list of fields that are required to be passed when creating a Deduction
custom_nameobjectContains the name of the Deduction Template. This name appears on paystubs when a Deduction created from this template is applied to an Employee Check.
deduction_typeobjectContains the deduction_type set for this Deduction Template
additional_fieldsobjectSome deduction types like HSA, have additional properties apart from employee and employer contributions. This field is used to provide information on those fields
            "companyID": "fc235f012bae46aa8a08",
            "deductionTemplateID": "61d12d38db7df",
            "employee_contribution": {
                "properties": {
                    "contribution_type": {
                        "const": "dollars"
                    "override_type": {
                        "const": "overridable"
                    "value": {
                        "type": "number",
                        "default": 52.16
                "type": "object",
                "required": [
            "additional_fields": {
                "properties": {
                    "hsa_type": {
                        "const": "family"
                "type": "object"
            "custom_name": {
                "const": "Test HSA"
            "deduction_type": {
                "const": "hsa"