Contractor Object

The Contractor Object represents a 1099 contractor for a given company

contractorIDstringZeal Contractor ID
companyIDstringZeal Company ID
onboardedbooleanWhether contractor has onboarded onto Zeal or not
typestringHolds one of the following values:
first_namestringFirst name of contractor
middle_namestringMiddle name of contractor
last_namestringLast name of contractor
emailstringEmail of contractor
typestringType of entity this contractor is. Accepted values are "individual" or "business".
ssnstringSocial security number of contractor (only accepted if type == "individual")
einstringEIN of contractor (only accepted if type == "business")
business_namestringBusiness Name of contractor (only accepted if type == "business")
addressstringResidential Street address of contractor
address_line2stringAdditional address line if needed
citystringResidential City of contractor
statestringResidential State that the contractor resides in
zipstringResidential Zip code of contractor
employment_statusstringEmployment status of the contractor. Default value is "live", other accepted values are "leave" and "terminated".
external_idstringExternal ID for a contractor that comes from an employer's HR or other internal system
 "contractorID": "1234567890",
 "companyID": "0987654321",
 "onboarded": true,
 "type": "business",
 "first_name": "erlich",
 "middle_name": null,
 "last_name": "bachman",
 "email": "[email protected]",
 "ein": 12-3456789,
 "business_name": null,
 "address": "320 Pancake Hollow Road",
 "address_line2": null,
 "city": "Highland",
 "state": "NY",
 "zip": "12528",
 "employment_status": "live",
 "external_id": 123