Accrual Policy Object

The Accrual Policy Object represents a PTO, sick leave, or custom accrual policy that can be created for a company and assigned to respective company employees.

companyIDstringZeal Company ID
policy_codestringCustom code that can be assigned for the policy
policy_typebooleanType of the accrual police (accepts: pto, sick_leave, or custom)
policy_namestringCustom name that can be assigned for the policy
policy_effective_dateYYYY-MM-DDThe effective start date of the policy
accrual_rate_hoursfloatThe rate at which employees will accrue hours
accrual_period_hoursfloatThe number of hours employees need to work to accrue accrual_rate_hours
immediate_balancefloatThe immediate hour balance the employee would receive
include_doubletimebooleanInclude if double-time work is eligible for hour accrual
include_overtimebooleanInclude if overtime work is eligible for hour accrual
accrual_waiting_periodfloatThe number of hours the employees need to work before they are eligible to begin accruing time for policy
accrual_capfloatMax hours an employee can accrue in one year until the rollover date
rollover_capfloatMax hours an employee can rollover from one year to the next year, on a specified rollover date
rollover_datefloatRequired if the user passes a value for rollover_cap or accrual_cap
  "companyID": "123er534efrerwwe3444e",
  "policy_code": "001",
  "policy_type": "pto",
  "policy_name": "test name",
  "policy_effective_date": "2023-03-01",
  "accrual_rate_hours": 10,
  "accrual_period_hours": 40,
  "immediate_balance": 0,
  "include_doubletime": true,
  "include_overtime": true,
  "accrual_waiting_period": 0,
  "accrual_cap": 40,
  "rollover_cap": 40,
  "rollover_date": "01-01",
  "policy_status": "live"