Employee Check Object

employeeCheckIDstringEmployee Check ID
employerCheckIDstringID of employer check that contains this employee check

processed check
statusstringHolds one of the following values:
is_salarybooleanWhether this check was created by Zeal's Autopilot Salary feature. See The Employee Object for more information about Autopilot
employeeIDstringZeal Employee ID
companyIDstringZeal Company ID
check_datedatetimeDatetime of Check Date for this employee check, in the ISO-8601 format in UTC

Whether manual approval is required for this check or not.
By default, Zeal automatically processes the check the day before the check date. However, if approval is required and the check is not approved by time of processing, Zeal will NOT process the check

Whether this check has been manually approved or not (only relevant if approval_required is true)
first_namestringFirst name of the employee this check is for
middle_initialstringMiddle initial of the employee this check is for
last_namestringLast name of the employee this check is for
reportingPeriodIDstringReporting Period ID
disbursementobjectThis object includes information regarding how the net pay is disbursed to the employee. Zeal supports three disbursement methods, Direct Deposit, Prepaid and Download Check. More information on these can be found at the bottom of the page

Show disbursement fields
type: string
default: direct_deposit
description: There are 3 options:
- direct_deposit: Zeal will make a direct deposit to the employee's bank account
- download_check: Zeal will give you the link to a PDF version of the check (see below for more fields)
- prepaid: Zeal will not debit net pay from the employer account to pay the employee, the employer is responsible for paying the employee directly e.g. in cash, check etc.

Download Check specific fields link
type: string
description: Link to a PDF version of the employee's check. It is at the employee's discretion as to how to cash the check.processed check

disbursement_statusstringPart of the object provided upon response of Employee Check creation
Provides an up-to-date status of the payment. The disbursement_status will hold one of the following values:

Show disbursement_status values
pending - Status of all checks until net pay has been started
settled - Funds have successfully settled in employee’s account
void - When an Employer pays out the wrong person or the wrong amount and wants to void the check
This will be solved by automatically creating a DL link for a check from the EE to the ER for the entire amount that they can DL
returned - Net pay did not successfully get disbursed
refunded - (Only applicable to direct deposit payments) Status of checks that failed but then the employer wants to pay out in-house
cancelled - (Only applicable to direct deposit payments) The check got cancelled due to:
Going to an inactive user
Having a transaction going to a watchlist match
Check is going a locked node
gross_paynumberGross pay for employee based on shifts
net_paynumberNet pay for employee (total pay after taxes)
processed check
deductionsarrayList of deductions object applied to this employee check. See The Deduction Object
taxesarrayList of tax breakdown
processed check

Show taxes fields

name - Name of the specific tax parameter
paidBy - Specifies whether this was withheld by employee or employer
codename - The specified code of the tax parameter
amount - Amount of tax withheld
total_employee_taxesnumberTotal amount of employee taxes

processed check
total_employer_taxesnumberTotal amount of employer taxes

processed check
metadataobjectCustom object you can attach to the employee check object. This is useful for storing additional information about the object in a custom, structured format. See Metadata
shiftsarrayList of shifts objects associated with this employee check.
flsa_ot_recommendationbooleanIf set to true, we will automatically convert the check to include our OT recommendation at the time of processing
NOTE: Only applicable for FLSA Overtime Policy (Closed Beta)
speedstringThe ACH speed of the check, accepts two_day, one_day or one_day_no_reserve as values (Early Access)

Types of Disbursements

Prepaid: Prepaid is used when the employer does want to use direct deposit, but instead has an alternate method of paying their employees. In that case, Zeal does not include net pay from this employee check in the Company Debit number of the employer check (i.e. net pay is not debited from the employer’s bank account if employee check is prepaid). Instead the employer is shown the net pay they owe their employees after taking out the appropriate taxes.

The employer is responsible for disbursing net pay outside of Zeal.

Download check: Checks are useful for certain employees who prefer to be paid in checks instead of direct deposits. We do not include net pay from this employee check in the Company Debit number of the employer check (i.e. net pay is not debited from the employer’s bank account if employee check is “download check”).

Net pay is only taken out of the employers bank account when the employee cashes the check. The account / routing number is that of the employers.

The link for downloading the check becomes available by check date on the employee dashboard.

Direct Deposit: The most convenient disbursement type is to do a direct deposit into the employee's bank account, from the employers. In this case, Zeal will include the employee net pay in the Company Debit number of the employer check (i.e. net pay is debited from the employer's bank account.

The net pay is deposited into the employee bank account at check date