Taxable Location Object

Work or home address that impacts tax calculations and compliance.

The Taxable Location Object represents a U.S.-based address that describes its suitability for use as a work location or residency.

Note: Zeal utilizes a third-party validation tool to ensure a provided address is valid and mail-deliverable.

taxableLocationIDstringUnique identifier representing this address
street1stringAddress Line 1 (Street name)
street2stringAddress Line 2(Apt/Suite). Empty string if not applicable
statestringUS State or Territory (2-letter abbreviation, see ANSI)
zipstringZIP code (5 digits)
is_suitable_for_taxationbooleanFlag indicating whether a location is suitable for use as a work location and/or residency. If false, one or more of the following flags will be set.
is_po_boxbooleanPO Box addresses are mailing addresses but are not suitable for taxation
is_state_mismatchbooleanAn address's resolved geo-location must match the specified state or it is considered unsuitable for taxation
is_armed_forces_addressbooleanArmed Forces (APO/FPO/DPO) addresses are suitable for mailing but not for taxation purposes. Use the employee's last US address for residency purposes.
is_foreign_addressbooleanForeign addresses are suitable for mailing but not for taxation purposes
is_deliverablebooleanThe address can accept mail and delivery
  "taxableLocationID": "609ffdf81a5f9c4c10b0c443",
  "street1": "1 Ferry Building",
  "street2": "",
  "city": "San Francisco",
  "state": "CA",
  "zip": "94111",
  "is_suitable_for_taxation": true,
  "is_po_box": "false",
  "is_state_mismatch": false,
  "is_armed_forces_address": false,
  "is_foreign_address": false