The Company Object

An employer record

The Company Object represents an employer in Zeal.

companyIDstringCompanyID of company
statusstringTracks the company onboarding lifecycle. Holds one of the following values:
initial_onboarding: This company is still onboarding
payroll_access_needed: Zeal still needs access to this company's previous payroll provider to migrate records
migration_pending: Zeal is still migrating records from the previous payroll provider
payment_permission_pending: The company has given us their data and Zeal has done the data migration, but they are not ready to run payroll. Usually, this is because Zeal is still waiting on information from our banking partner
live: Company is ready to process payroll
offboarded: Company has been offboarded
first_namestringFirst Name of Primary Business Owner
last_namestringLast Name of Primary Business Owner
emailstringEmail Address of Primary Business Owner
business_namestringBusiness Name
business_einstringFEIN of company
business_addressstringBusiness Address of company (Line 1 and Line 2 combined)
business_citystringBusiness Address of company (City)
business_statestringBusiness address of the company (State abbreviation)
business_zipstringBusiness Address of company (5-digit zip code)
business_phonestringPrimary phone number of the company
mail_addressstringMailing address of the company
mail_citystringMailing city of the company
mail_statestringMailing state of the company
mail_zipstringMailing ZIP code of the company
skip_migrationbooleanSet to false by default.
If true, Zeal will skip migrating payroll information from the company's old payroll provider.

Note: please confirm with the company that migration is not necessary. Failure to migrate old records may impact tax reporting and filing.
account_numberstringAccount number of the company's bank account
routing_numberstringRouting number of the company's bank account
requirementsarrayList of required information for this company account (e.g. information that needs to be collected before running payments, payroll registration information, etc.). See The Requirement Object for more information.
onboarding_urlstringURL of the company's onboarding flow if the company is still onboarding i.e. status is initial_onboarding. Otherwise, this field has a value of null
is_sandboxbooleanDetermines the test status of the company. Set to false when a company has been created in Production mode or using the Production API Key.
  "companyID": "1234567890",
  "status": "migration_pending",
  "first_name": "Erlich",
  "last_name": "Bachman",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "business_name": "Aviato",
  "business_ein": "083746568",
  "business_address": "1 Market St.",
  "business_city": "San Francisco",
  "business_state": "CA",
  "business_zip": "10000",
  "mail_address": "1 Market St.",
  "mail_city": "San Francisco",
  "mail_state": "CA",
  "mail_zip": "94110",
  "skip_migration": false,
  "business_phone": "4046762121",
  "account_number": "123456789",
  "routing_number": "0987654321",
  "requirements": [],
  "onboarding_url": null,
  "is_sandbox": true