Employer Check Processed Webhook Lite

This endpoint is a lite version of the Employer Check Processed Event Webhook, this endpoint specifies what will be sent to your 'Employer Check Processed' Webhook. Zeal POSTs a request containing the processed Employer Check Object (checks are typically processed at 2:00 PM PT). You can update the webhook URL you want Zeal to hit on the 'API' Page of the Zeal Dashboard.

Request Body

testbooleanWhether the Employer Check was created in the Test Mode
companyIDstringZeal companyID of Employer
business_namestringBusiness Name of Employer
employerCheckIDstringEmployer Check ID
statusstringStatus of shift. Will hold the following values:
reporting_periodsarrayList of reporting periods contained in this employer check.

Show child attributes
type: string
description: Reporting Period ID start
type: datetime
description: Start time and date of reporting period end
type: datetime
required: End time and date of reporting period
totalsobjectTotals for this employer check stored in an object.

Show child attributes
type: number
description: Gross pay for an employee (total pay before taxes) net_pay
type: number
description: Net pay for an employee (total pay after taxes = gross_pay - total_employee_taxes) total_employer_taxes
type: number
required: Total amount of employer taxes company_debit
type: number
description: Total cost for the company (net_pay + total_employee_taxes + total_employer_taxes) total_employee_taxes
type: number
description: Total amount of employee taxes for this employer check run
employee_checksarrayReturns array of all employeeCheckIDs moved to processed


Doesn't return anything but rather POSTs the processed Employer Check Object to your webhook URL

Raw Content Example

  "test": true,
  "companyID": "083472985",
  "business_name": "Test Company",
  "employerCheckID": "123456789",
  "status": "processed",
  "reporting_periods": [
  "totals": {
    "gross_pay": 40,
    "net_pay": 36.94,
    "total_employer_taxes": 3.06,
    "company_debit": 43.06,
    "total_employee_taxes": 3.06
  "employee_checks": [