Reporting Period Object

Zeal Reporting Periods describe the date range that an employee should be paid for. Zeal creates reporting periods for every possible date range for the pay schedules of employees. See Pay Frequency, Reporting Periods, and Check Dates for more information.

You can use the Reporting Periods endpoints to find the right Zeal Reporting Period and reportingPeriodID and attach it to an Employee Check



The reporting period spans from the start to the end, BOTH dates inclusive. For example, the reporting period with the start date of 2021-08-02 and the end date of 2021-08-08 spans the 168-hour period from August 2nd at 12:00:01 AM to August 8th at 11:59:59 PM.

reportingPeriodIDstringID of Reporting Period
pay_schedulestringHas one of the following values:
startdateStart date of the reporting period (YYYY-MM-DD)
enddateEnd date of the reporting period
  "reportingPeriodID": "5eb317a40d1158d5ddcb6895",
  "pay_schedule": "weekly",
  "start": "2023-12-02",
  "end": "2023-12-08"