Employer Dashboard

An essential piece of your payroll product is the Employer Dashboard. In this guide we’ll show how to build a custom dashboard through APIs and how to offer it out-of-the-box with our white-label components.

In this guide

  • Which endpoints are needed to recreate the Employer Dashboard.
  • How to embed the white-label Employer Dashboard in your application.


Since a custom Employer Dashboard can take so many forms, we'll focus on providing an overview of the endpoints we recommend using rather than giving detailed code examples. We’ll use Zeal’s white-label component to provide an example structure for your dashboard.

Home Page

  1. Use Get All Employer Checks or Get Employer Checks by Dates and get the data from the most recent Employer Check to display the Last payroll run and Upcoming payroll run sections.
  2. Use Get Employees and Get Contractors and filter by onboarded status and start_date to display Recently onboarded workers.

People Page

  1. Use Get Employees and Get Contractors to display all workers.
  2. Use Create Employee and Create Contractor to provide a form to create workers.
  3. Use Get Employee Onboarding Link and Get Contractor Onboarding Link to allow for onboarding employees and contractors.



You might also choose to build your own custom onboarding flow. Please reference our Employee Onboarding and Contractor Onboarding guides for more information.

Individual Worker Page

  1. Use Get/Update Employee Information and Get/Update Contractor Information to allow employers to view/edit the personal and employment information of their workers.
  2. Use Get Bank Account by Employee/Contractor ID to display bank information. Use Update Bank Account to allow employers to correct bank account information.
  3. For employees, use Get Employee Tax Parameter Summary and Set Employee Tax Parameters to allow employers to view/edit the employee's tax information.

Work Locations

  1. Use Get Work Locations to display Work Locations.
  2. Use Resolve Taxable Location to verify a taxable address and then Create Work Location to add new locations.



Check out our Work Locations Guide for more details.

Pay Page

  1. Use Create Employee Check and Create Contractor Payment to allow for creation of payroll.
  2. Use Get Employee Check by ID and Get Contractor Payment by ID to display details about a particular check or payment.
  3. Use Get Employer Checks by Dates to show the recent payroll history and Get Employer Check by ID to display details of a particular payroll run.

Tax Setup Page

Our partners generally choose to embed our out-of-the-box tax component so that employers can submit important tax documents directly. Use Generate Employer Taxes Page link and embed the component directly in your custom dashboard.

Reports Page

Similar to the Tax Setup page, most partners generally use Zeal's out-of-the-box Report Page component in their custom dashboards. Use Get Reports Link and embed the component directly in your custom dashboard.


  1. The employer logs in to your application.
  2. Once they are authenticated, call Generate Employer Login Link to get an SSO link specific to this Employer that they can use to access the dashboard without having to log in again.



Remember to replace the placeholders such as {{testApiKey}} in the code samples below.

curl --location --request POST 'https://api.zeal.com/getAuthLink'
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {{testApiKey}}'
--data-raw '{
   "partnerID": "{{partnerID}}",
   "companyID": "{{companyID}}"
  1. Give the employer access to the link. Generally our partners include the link in their application or display the component directly through an iframe.
<a href="{{employerLoginLink}}">Click to access your payroll dashboard!</a>
  1. When the employer accesses the link, they’ll see the white-label component (on your domain with your logo) where they can manage people, payroll, and their information.


  • The Employer Dashboard provides core functionality to your users such as running payroll and managing workers.
  • All the data and processes needed to build your customer employer dashboard are exposed through Zeal's API endpoints.
  • You may embed the white-label Employer Dashboard directly in your application.

What’s Next

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