Quickstart Guide

Use Zeal's pre-built, white labeled components to hit the ground running with a payroll product.

Run in PostmanRun in Postman

Contact Zeal to create a Zeal Partner Account.

Start off account configuration by:

  1. Confirming which domain you want the components to be hosted on (i.e. payroll.[your-domain].com). Contact Zeal to set this up in your DNS.
  2. Setting your base URL (link that companies and employees should be redirected to after onboarding or logout).
  3. Uploading your favicon and logo.
  4. Zeal will create a test company account under your Partner account so you can start testing the Zeal Payroll API integration for a company. You will be able to access the company account from your Super Admin dashboard.

You will find your partnerID and two different API Keys in the API page of your Partner Account. Let's start off by using the Test Key for now.

Create Company

The first thing we will do is Create a Company (also referred to as Employer) within Zeal. We will do so by using the Zeal Create Company API endpoint


Company Creation API

Send basic information needed to create a Company

Onboard your first company

Zeal represents employers that you want to run payroll for as "Companies". A company must first be onboarded before you can run payroll for them. The Company Onboarding Flow is fully white-labeled and hosted on your own domain. Use one of the following methods to access a company onboarding link (this link is specific to you):


Company Onboard Flow

Zeal collects basic business information and necessary paperwork.

  1. Super Admin Dashboard
    Navigate to the Home page of your Super Admin Dashboard and copy the onboarding link.
  1. Zeal API: Get Company Onboarding Link endpoint
    Zeal returns the company onboarding link.
curl --location --requests GET 'https://api.joinpuzzl.com/companies/onboard?partnerID=<PARTNER_ID>'
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer <YOUR API KEY>'



Zeal sends you a webhook with this company’s information (including companyID) after the company onboarding flow is completed successfully.

Create Employee

Once you’ve created a Company, it’s time to add your first employee to Zeal.

You can add an Employee through:

  1. Super Admin Dashboard > Click into Company > People tab

  2. Zeal API: Create Employee endpoint

curl --location --requests POST 'https://api.joinpuzzl.com/employees'
 --header 'Content-Type: application/json'
 --header 'Authorization: Bearer <YOUR API KEY>'
 --data-raw '{
   "companyID": "1b5n28nrideucd24",
   "new_employees": [
       "email": "[email protected]",
       "default_pay_schedule": "daily",
       "title": "Brand Ambassador",
       "start_date": "2019-11-01",
       "working_state": "CA",
       "default_wage": 20,
       "overtime_rate": 1.6,
       "double_time_rate": 2.1,
       "ssn": "182563748",
       "phone_number": "8716738956"

Employee Onboarding

Now that you’ve created an employee, you can now onboard them! Zeal offers both components (whitelabeled) web and mobile options for employee onboarding, but this quickstart guide will focus on Zeal’s web employee onboarding flow.

Access the employee onboarding link through:

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