Quickstart Guide

In this guide we'll lead you through a quick, step-by-step example of how to run your first payroll (create your first Employee Check) with Zeal. For a more in-depth overview of the steps to get your payroll product up and running, please reference our Offerer or Owner guides.



If you haven't already, check out our Introduction to Payroll Runs before continuing with this guide. It gives a conceptual overview of how payroll runs work with Zeal's system.

In order to create our first payroll run, we'll need to complete four steps:

  1. Onboard an Employer
  2. Add a Work Location
  3. Onboard an Employee
  4. Create an Employee Check

Onboard an Employer

Zeal represents employers in our system as Companies. A Company must first be onboarded before we can run payroll for them.

  1. Navigate to your Super Admin Dashboard, ensure that Test Mode is enabled, then click Add Test Company.

  1. Click Copy Link, paste the link in a new tab of your web browser, and complete the onboarding flow.

Create a Work Location

Once the employer is onboarded, you can click on the Company to view the Employer Dashboard as a Super Admin. From here, you can add a Work Location for the Company.

  1. Click on the Company.

  1. Navigate to the Work Location page then click Add a New Location.

  1. Enter the taxable address of the location where the employee(s) will be working.

Onboard an Employee

Now that we've added a location our employee(s) will be working at, we can onboard them.

  1. Navigate to the People page and click Add New Employee.

  1. Fill the employee information and select the proper Work Location from the dropdown, then click Add Employee.

  1. Back on the People page, find the Employee and click the copy icon to copy a link to the Employee Onboarding component to your clipboard.

  1. Open the link in a new tab to complete the onboarding flow.

Employee Onboarding Profile Page

Create an Employee Check

Once the employee is onboarded, we can create an Employee Check to pay them.

  1. Navigate to Pay > Pending and click Create New Check.

  1. Select the Employee and the Reporting Period, choose the check_date that you want the employee to get paid by, and click the Add Shift button to add Shifts.

  1. Click Create Check and you'll see the check in pending status on the Pending page.

In a few simple steps we've created our first payroll run with Zeal!

What’s Next

Now that you've successfully created your first payroll run, check out our Offerer or Owner Guide to learn everything you should know to get your payroll product up and running quickly!