Here you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions our new partners have about Zeal.



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How long should I expect an integration with Zeal to take? Using our white-label components, many of our Partners go live with their payroll solution in 1 - 3 weeks. For more custom solutions centered around API integration, the timelines vary depending on the scope of the project. That said, a common strategy is to go live with our white-label components for a faster return on investment, then build out more custom features as adoption of the product grows.
Do you support all 50 states? Yes, we process payroll in all 50 states and all 13,000+ localities.
Do you offer your services internationally? Currently, we do not process payroll outside of the United States. Since the United States has the most complicated tax system in the world, our tax management team focuses their efforts on ensuring that our tax engine is up to date and compliant with even the most obscure tax locality.
Is Zeal’s branding visible to end users? No, Zeal’s white-label components are configured to appear on your domain and to be branded as your own. Your customers will not be aware that Zeal is involved.
What kind of workers do you support? We support both 1099 Contractors and W-2 Employees. In addition, our tax engine is able to support even special employee tax considerations such as agricultural workers, household workers, and more.
Do you provide end of year tax documents? Yes, Zeal provides all end-of-year tax documents such as 1099 and W-2 forms for workers. These are available via the Employer Dashboard, Worker Dashboards, or our APIs.
How does payroll work? Please see our Introduction to Payroll Runs for a detailed overview of how our system works.
When does payroll processing begin? Payroll processing begins at 2 PM P.T. two bank days before the payroll pay date. Please reference our Introduction to Payroll Runs for a Fund Flow diagram.

For one-day speed payroll, the payroll cut-off is at 12:30 PM P.T. one bank day before the pay date.

Do you use your own tax engine for gross-to-net calculations? Yes, Zeal’s talented engineers and tax management team audit all federal, state, and local tax agencies to maintain our own comprehensive, in-house tax engine.
How do you ensure that your tax engine is accurate? Zeal has a dedicated tax management team that monitors government authorities for any changes in laws or regulations which would affect tax calculations. Additionally, the team runs a proactive QA process to compare end results against other tax engines and identify any discrepancies.
As a Partner, what liability do I have for missed payments, improper tax calculations, etc? As a Partner, you are not liable for any of the aforementioned scenarios. Employers are ultimately responsible for ensuring their tax documents are up to date. Failure to provide information promptly can result in liabilities which the employer is responsible for. However, as a payroll service we too can make mistakes. In those situations we accept liability so neither you, nor your customers are not adversely affected.
Do you support payroll migrations? Yes, we support payroll migrations both from cloud payroll services and from on-premise software.

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