Running Payroll

As discussed in our Introduction to Payroll Runs Guide, Zeal's payroll system works differently from some traditional payroll providers. Our system is very flexible and robust to handle complex use cases. To start building your features, it's important to first understand the details of the system.

In this section

  • How to pay W-2 Employees.
  • How the white-label represents Payroll Runs.
  • How to add Deductions to an Employee Check.
  • How to preview payroll.
  • How to access reports such as payroll journals.
  • What tax requirements are and how to submit them.
  • How to pay 1099 Contractors.

Employee Checks

Employee Checks represent all the information that Zeal needs to process payroll for W-2 employees. Employee Checks hold a lot of important data and configuration such as the check_date, reporting_period, and shifts.

Learn more about Employee Checks.

Payroll Runs

Payroll Runs are an abstraction used in Zeal's white-label UI for a familiar user experience. Payroll Run group Employee Checks together before they are processed to provide easier viewing and editing functionality.

Learn more about Payroll Runs.


Deductions account for additional withholdings such as 401K contributions and garnishments. Individual Deductions are created using Deduction Templates that define the rules to be followed.

Learn more about Deductions.

Preview Payroll

The option to preview payroll before it begins processing informs many important use cases. Zeal system allows users to view upcoming payroll or hypothetical payroll.

Learn more about previewing payroll.


Zeal offers many great out-of-the-box reports such as payroll journals, labor allocation reports, and worker summary reports. Reporting is an invaluable piece of a payroll system that inform many administrative processes.

Learn more about Reports.

Tax Requirements

Tax requirements are documents that an employer must submit in order for Zeal to properly pay and report taxes on their behalf. Zeal provides a frictionless way for employers to submit Tax Requirements directly to our Tax team.

Learn more about Tax Requirements.

Contractor Payments

Contractors can be paid with ease given that there are no payroll taxes that need to be withheld. Simply tell us the amount and the pay_date and Zeal will handle the rest.

Learn more about Contractor Payments.