Worker Onboarding

Workers are at the core of every payroll solution - they're who we pay after all. Before we can pay a worker, their information needs to be submitted through onboarding.

In this section

  • How to add a Work Location.
  • How to onboard a W-2 Employee.
  • How to onboard a 1099 Contractor.

Work Locations

Work Locations show where an employer has employees working. It's important to track where employees complete work so that we can tax them properly.

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Employee Onboarding

To onboard a W-2 employee, we need to collect basic information, bank details, and tax parameters. Employee onboarding is an important component of your payroll product and can be built using various methods.

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Contractor Onboarding

While onboarding a 1099 Contractor is simpler than onboarding an employee, we still need to collect some basic information. Contractor onboarding is an important component if you plan on supporting contractors.

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What’s Next

If you're looking to onboard employees, you'll need to first understand Work Locations. However, for onboarding a contractor, no prerequisites are required.