What is Zeal?



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Zeal is a premium end-to-end API platform built to turn payroll into an efficient engine to grow your business. We are the first platform that provides everything you need to create a payroll solution through one API. In addition to our APIs, Zeal offers pre-built, white-label components that you can easily embed into your product to launch quickly. However you choose to build your payroll product, Zeal is here to help. We are more than an infrastructure provider. We are long-term partners collaborating to craft a payroll solution that powers your ambitions.

Why payroll?

If you’re in the discovery phase, you may be thinking β€œwhy should I invest in a custom payroll solution"? To really answer this question, it's important to know your goal. Do you aim to sell your payroll solution to others, or do you want an internal payroll solution that addresses the needs your workers and your business?

Selling your payroll product

Adding payroll to your product offering grows revenue streams and, maybe more importantly, attracts and retains customers. By selling payroll our Partners:

  • Grow revenue.
  • Attract and retain customers. The average consumer tends to stay with their payroll provider for 8+ years.
  • Expand fintech offerings using payroll as the foundation. There are multiple payroll-dependent/payroll-adjacent financial products that can be offered such as pay cards, wallets, payroll fronting, etc.

Building an internal payroll solution

Building an internal payroll tool improves your user experience and relieves many of the pain points of traditional payroll providers. By building an internal solution our Partners:

  • Automate payroll processes and reduce their payroll teams' workloads.
  • Offer an excellent, all-in-one experience for their workers.
  • Offload compliance concerns.

Why Zeal?

Zeal strives to serve our Partners better than other payroll providers. Some differentiators between Zeal and others in the payroll space are:

  • Zeal is a leading expert in our industry. We specialize in payroll - even having built our own in-house tax engine from the ground up.
  • Zeal's APIs are easy to use and are optimized for flexibility and automation.
  • Zeal only reaches end-users through partnerships. We don't sell to SMBs.
  • Zeal can support unlimited workers per FEIN (employer) while other payroll providers cannot.

What’s Next

Now that you have an understanding of what Zeal offers, check out the following articles to learn how you can start building a payroll product today!