Deduction Summary Report & Reports Additions - 06/05/24

We have introduced a new Deduction Summary report including a new corresponding endpoint as well as two new include_migrated and kyc_status parameters for reports.

Deduction Summary Report

We have introduced the new Deduction Summary Report and its respective Create Deduction Summary Report API. This report allows employers to see a breakdown of deductions from a declared start_date until a declared end_date.

Migrated Data in Reports

This update also introduces the capability to include migrated data in the Labor Allocation and Payroll Journal reports. These report endpoints now accept an include_migrated boolean to be passed in the body. If true is passed, migrated data will be included in the generated respective report.

Filtering KYC Summary Report by Status

Lastly, with this update, KYC Summary Reports are now filterable by a worker's KYC status. The newly added kyc_status parameter is an enumerable that can filter KYC Summary Reports with any of the following values: "failed", "approved", or "all".