Deprecate working_state field - 12/06/2022

The working_state field will no longer be included in the Employee object. Based on the workLocation assigned to the employee, the working state will be fetched for tax calculation purposes. This field will no longer be supported from our end so make sure that any and all references to this field are taken care of.


Delineation of Keys - 12/06/2022

We have updated the use of Test API key and Production API key. These keys now determine the “Production” status of a company. In order to run payroll, a company needs to be created with the Production Key.


WCC Code - 11/17/2022

We have added a new optional parameter to the shift object - wcc_code. This will help employers identify the WCC code for every shift of work completed.


Tax Setup Page - 11/16/2022

We’ve revamped our white-label Tax Setup Page. Updates will: reduce lag, streamline information gathering, and simplify the user journey so that our requirements are clear and easy to comply with.


Payment Summary Report - 10/04/2022

With the recently added support for International Contractors, it is now possible for employers to get a summary of payments made to the international non-resident contractors along with the workers in the US.
The employers can now pass an optional flag - include_intl_contractors to the existing Payment Summary Report endpoint.


Disbursement Status - 10/04/2022

We have added a new attribute - disbursement_status to the Employee Check and Contractor Payment objects.


International Contractors - 09/30/2022

We now support payroll for International Contractors. Based on the successful verification of the W8-BEN form by the employer, the contractor can be marked as onboarded.


Hourly Wage Fields - 08/31/2022

We have made the hourly wage fields optional. If the employee is salaried, the employer can turn on Autopilot Salary and provide the yearly salary and the first check date.


Employee Worker Type - 08/19/2022

We now support an employer to have the same user as a W2 Employee as well as 1099 Contractor at the same time.


Employee Work State - 08/19/2022

In order to maintain tax compliance, the employees will no longer be able to edit their work state through the white-label.