May & April Changelog

May & April Changelog

March Changelog

Preview Check Data

Using our newest endpoint for our Preview Payroll feature, you can now see the preview of a check that hasn’t been created yet. You can plug the exact data you would use to create a check right into our /preview/checkData endpoint and see what the deduction values, taxes and net pay would look like. Now our clients will be able to design experiences that will allow end payroll users to have much more clarity on what impact their payroll will have.

Edit W-4 and Bank Account Information in the WL

In an effort to reduce support requests and give more power to end payroll users, Employers and admins can now edit a worker’s bank account and State and Federal W-4 information right in the worker profile. This helps close the loop on payroll administration and is one step closer to helping our partners completely power their own payroll process.

New and Improved ID Upload

We have re-named our ID Scan section of the employee profile to ID Verification to reflect its added capabilities. Now workers and Employers can upload government IDs and social security cards directly and securely with our new upload tool in the ID Verification section. Furthermore, we have also added a new endpoint for partners, which directly sends us IDs which are shown in this new ID Verification section.

Disbursement Method Added for Contractor Payments

You can now change the disbursement method for contractor payments. You can choose between prepaid and direct deposit, with direct deposit being the default value.

Additions to our Reports Feature

Some small additions have been added to help improve our Reports feature. Employers can now create Labor Allocation reports through our whitelabel Reports page. New fields have been added to the Worker Summary and Labor Allocation Report and now all custom deduction template names are shown when showing deduction values and totals.

Reports Auth Link

Partners can now input the Reports whitelabel page anywhere in their own flow using our new Reports Auth Link endpoint. Now the value of all of the six different report types and their input pages can be used wherever our clients see fit.

UI Optimization

As we have scaled, we have had to scale our codebase to reflect the increasing volume of data we load in our whitelabel. To do this, we made various improvements to optimize our front-end. As a result, after some great work by our engineering team, our whitelabel is faster and more responsive.

Tax Exemptions through the Whitelabel

Users of our whitelabel product can now get the benefit of being able to set their own tax exemptions for FUTA, SUTA, SIT and FICA. This is just continuing our commitment to creating parity between our whitelabel product and API.

April Changelog

Work Locations

To make sure Zeal is taxing Employees and Employers as accurately as possible, Zeal has now mandated a Work Location as part of the Employee object. As part of this change, Working State is now an immutable read-only field that derives its value from the state associated with the Work Location in the Employee object. We also added a new Work Locations component in the white-label that allows for the creation and editing of Work Locations. You can learn more about requirements for the creation and use of Work Locations through our API here.

SIT POAs and ACH-Credit Forms

ACH-Credit and State Income Tax (SIT) Power of Attorney forms are now a part of our Tax Setup page. They are automatically pre-filled and sent to the appropriate state agency after an Employer inputs the appropriate IDs. These forms allow Zeal to more easily pay and report on state income taxes.

Employee Onboarding Improvements

Our Employee Onboarding experience has gotten a huge overhaul with a new and improved UI. We also added tooltips for confusing fields in the state and federal W-4 section that describe what that field means and expects. Now Employees who use our whitelabel component for Employee Onboarding can enjoy a smoother and mobile-friendly experience!

Retrieve Contractor Paperwork API

In order to maintain the parity between endpoints that support Employees vs. Contractors, we added a Retrieve Contractor Paperwork API that allows Employers to download the W9 form that was filled out during onboarding.