Use Zeal’s pre-built frontend Employee Onboarding Flow. Employee Onboarding consists of 4 sections:

  1. Profile Information optional
  2. Collect Username and Password for Employee Accounts optional
  3. Collect IDs (for I9 verification) optional
  4. Collect Paperwork (Federal W4, State W4, optionally I9, and Bank Authorization Form) required


Note: If you choose to include I9 employment verification in employee onboarding, include ID Scans (Step 3) and the I9 Form in the Paperwork section.



Zeal sends you a webhook with this employee’s information (including employeeID) after the employee onboarding is completed successfully.

Access Employee Onboarding

Zeal offers both out-of-the-box web and mobile options for employee onboarding, but this guide will focus on Zeal’s web employee onboarding flow.

Access the employee onboarding link through:

  1. Your Super Admin/Employer Dashboard
  1. Get Employee Onboarding Link
curl --location --requests POST ''
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json'
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer <YOUR API KEY>'
  --data-raw '{
    "companyID": "1b5n28nrideucd24",
    "employeeID": "987654321"

Profile Information

Zeal collects basic profile information

Employee Account Information

Zeal collects username and password in case you want employee’s to be able to access employee accounts

ID Scans

Zeal opens the camera and collects IDs for I9 verification. We collect either Driver’s License and Social Security Card or Passport. ID collection is only available through web view.


Zeal autofills the paperwork with all the information we have about this employee, so paperwork-filling can be as frictionless as possible. We require employees to fill out the Federal W4, State W4, and Bank Authorization so Zeal knows how to tax them and which account to deposit net pay into.

Once the employee is done with paperwork, they're all set to get paid. Try the flow for yourself in Test Mode!

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