Super Admin Dashboard

See all your Companies (EINs) in one place

As a Zeal Partner you have access to a Super Admin Dashboard where you oversee all companies, their workers, and payrolls.

API Details

On the API Page, you can see your API Keys and set your webhook endpoints

Set Branding

Zeal wants to put you first. You can set your own branding elements on the Settings Page:

  • Base URL: The default URL that customers/employees will be redirected to after onboarding and logging out of white labeled dashboards
  • Logo: Upload your logo for Zeal to use
  • Header and Favicon: Information that shows up on the tab of the browser

Add Members

Add other members of your team to the Super Admin Dashboard through the Members Page of the dashboard. Zeal currently supports the following member types:

  • Administrator: Admins have full read and write access to the the account

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