Payroll alerts for a company

Requirements are specific alerts that Zeal uses to remind a company of actions they have to take in order to successfully process payroll. They are represented in the Requirement object, which itself is nested within the Company object. A Requirement will be shown for a state if a Company has Employees who have checks processed in that state.

There are six different types of Requirements: state_payroll_tax_number, sui_number, local_number, poa, poa_notarization, third_party_authorization. You can find out more about these types of Requirements here.

A Company’s Requirements can be found in two main places: the GET Company Information endpoint and our Tax Setup Page white-label component.

GET Company Information Endpoint

Calling this endpoint will return all relevant Company information, including the Requirements Object.
Each Requirement will include:

  • companyID
  • Requirement Type
  • State
  • Requirement Name
  • Description of the Requirement

Here is an example request for the GET Company Information endpoint:

curl --location --requests POST ''
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer <YOUR API KEY>'

Tax Setup Page

Companies can also find their different Requirements in the Tax Setup Page. Below is where you can go on the Navigation Bar to get to the Tax Setup Page. It is under the Taxes tab.

And shown below is an example of what Requirements could look like for a Company.

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