Owner Guide

As discussed in our guide to Building a Payroll Product , Owners want to improve their staff's experience by building a custom payroll solution. As an Owner, there are three main components to get your payroll solution live:

  1. Admin Dashboards
  2. Worker Onboarding
  3. Worker Dashboards

In this guide we’ll show you how to get up and running quickly with our whitelabel components. Remember, you can use as many or as few of the whitelabel components as you would like, but even if you aren’t planning to use them, they can be a helpful reference when building your custom solutions using our APIs. If you’re interested in building using the API, please reference our Core Components Guides next.

Admin Dashboard

Onboard your Company

Payroll on Zeal is scoped to a particular company (or FEIN). So as a first step, let’s onboard your company to Zeal’s system.

  1. Navigate to the Super Admin Dashboard and click Add New Company.

  1. Click Copy Link and then paste the link into a new tab of your browser.

  1. Complete the three onboarding forms: Profile Information, Bank Verification, and Paperwork.
  2. Hit Submit on the final page to finish onboarding your company. You can now see the company present on your Super Admin Dashboard.

Access the Admin Dashboard

Now that your company is onboarded, Let's click into the Company on the Super Admin Dashboard to enter the Admin Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Super Admin Dashboard and click on your company.
  2. The next page will display the Admin Dashboard for your company. Here you can oversee your workers, run payroll, manage your tax documents, and get reports.

Worker Onboarding

Next, let's check out the worker onboarding flows. From the Admin Dashboard, you can onboard both W-2 Employees and 1099 Contractors. For now, we'll look at the Employee Onboarding experience as an example.

  1. Navigate to your Super Admin Dashboard and ensure that Test Mode is enabled.
  2. Now click back on your Company to access the Admin Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Work Location page and click Add a New Location. Before we can onboard employee’s, we’ll need to register a Work Location for the company.

  1. Enter the taxable address of the company location where the employee(s) will be working.

  1. Next, navigate to the People page and click Add New Employee.

  1. Fill the employee information and select the proper Work Location from the dropdown, then click Add Employee.

  1. Back on the People page, find the Employee and click the arrow icon to email the onboarding link directly to the employee or click the copy icon to copy it to your clipboard.

  1. Copy the link and open it in a new tab. You'll see the onboarding form with your logo on your domain. This will be the experience for your workers.

Employee Onboarding Profile Information

  1. Complete the Employee Onboarding flow including forms such as: Profile Information, Federal W-4, Bank Account Information..
  2. Once you hit Submit on the final page, the Employee will be onboarded.



When the Employee Onboarding flow is completed successfully through the whitelabel, Zeal sends the Employee information to the webhook URL you've set for the Employee Onboarding Event.

  1. Navigate back to the admin dashboard and you'll see the employee status is now onboarded.

Employee is onboarded

Worker Dashboards

The final step is to give workers a space where they can review their pay history, view/download paystubs, and access their personal and tax information (such as their end-of-year W-2). Zeal provides all of this out of the box with our Employer/Contractor dashboards. This feature is not available in Test Mode but the flow for an Employee will be:

  1. During the Employee Onboarding flow (previous section), the employee creates their account.

Employee Onboarding Create Account

  1. Then, at any point in time, they can navigate to your domain (i.e. payroll.[your-domain].com), and log in to their dashboard using their credentials.
  2. When the employee logs in, they see their Employee Dashboard where they can view paystubs, and view/edit their profile information. Note: Your logo will be present in place of Zeal’s.


You have the comprehensive knowledge you need to build an excellent payroll product for your business!