Company Onboarding

Use Zeal’s pre-built component Company Onboarding Flow (also known as Employer Onboarding). Company Onboarding consists of 3 sections:

  1. Business Profile Information
  2. Bank Account Information
  3. Sign Paperwork & Agree to Terms


Employer Onboarding Event

When the company onboarding flow is completed successfully, Zeal sends this company's information to the webhook you've set for the Employer Onboarding Event

Accessing Company Onboarding Flow

Access the company onboarding flow through either your Super Admin Dashboard or through our API:

  1. Your Super Admin Dashboard
    Click on "Add New Company" to open a modal that lets you select if Company should be created with bank verification set to true or false.
  1. Get Company Onboarding Link
curl --location --requests GET '<PARTNER_ID>'
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer <YOUR API KEY>'

The Company Onboarding Flow is fully white-labeled component which will be hosted on your own domain.

Business Profile Information

Zeal collects basic business information

Bank Account Information

Zeal collects bank account information and initiates the micro-deposit flow.

Sign Paperwork & Agree to Terms

Zeal autofills the Declaration of Representative form, Reporting Agent form, and Direct Deposit Authorization form and collects the signature from the user. These forms give Zeal the power of attorney, permission to report to government agencies on the employer’s behalf, and permission to make direct deposits on their behalf, respectively.
Finally Zeal requires employers to approve our Payroll Terms and Conditions, in which we outline the Terms of Service and all the payroll services that we offer.

The company has now been onboarded!

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